The 'Cross Season... So Far.

Cyclocross will always hold a special place in my heart. No, not because I love racing it. Ask anyone who has seen me on a 'cross bike: I am terrible. When it comes to racing 'cross, I file it in the same drawer as dancing and / or singing: I may be enthusiastic about it, but it's probably best for everyone if it's done behind closed doors, lest I wish to offend anyone. But I DO love 'cross. This sport was one of my first introductions to photography. Seems like it's been forever, but It was only three seasons ago that I took my camera to a local race here in Seattle and the resulting photographs led me to get hired for my first paying cycling photo job shooting the rest of the season (thanks, Zac). Then came the attention from a couple of magazines and brands and I was hooked. 

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to criss-cross the country, traveling to races big and small and hang out with some truly amazing people that make this a special community. I have racked up a number of photographs second only to the amount of earned frequent flyer miles, have been lucky to have solo shows in San Francisco and Tokyo and finally this month have landed a cover of Peloton Magazine (which was also the first magazine to publish my work in 2013). Yet I still refuse to consider myself a "cycling photographer".

Something about that implies travel to the same races year in and year out, shuffling off motos in time to take the finish line photo next to a dozen of your colleagues. Someone has to do it - and some do it better than others - but my attention span is way too short and somehow that starts to feel a lot like a "real job". I am not interested in the equipment or even the race result. I am more fascinated by this tightly knit group of people who traverse this country and travel across the globe to pursue their passions like an occasionally muddy circus. 

This year I have been working extensively with Rapha on their North American content, as well as the Cyclocross lookbook. I have had the opportunity to travel to a few UCI races, including the World Cups in Vegas and Iowa City, as well as the race in Gloucester. Here are a few photographs from the season (so far).

P.S: If you happen to be in New York City next week, you should come out to the Rapha Cycle Clubhouse where I will be opening a new photo show I am calling "AN HOUR LATER". Jeremy Powers and Ellen Noble will be on hand as well for a Q&A about cyclocross. RSVP here.

See you there, 
Andy Bokanev
Photographer with a Love for Cycling

RCC Summit

Last week Rapha invited me to join them in Sonoma Country for a few days of riding (and eating) as part of the RCC Summit. The event brought together riders and staff from all over the world, as well as a certain former Tour de France winner, the culinary mastery of Biju Thomas and Chris DiMinno and wine carefully curated by one of the best sommeliers in the world, Aldo Sohm. Meanwhile,  the weather cooperated and the beautiful - albeit under-appreciated - roads once again reminded everyone that Sonoma is one of the best riding areas in the country. 

6 Hour Heat Wave

This past weekend I travelled down to Austin, TX to join the Ford GT team as they took on the 6 Hour race at the beautiful Circuit of the Americas in sweltering conditions. As a life-long motorsports obsessive, this was an amazing opportunity to nerd out on some serious racing while witnessing one of the most exciting teams racing at the pinnacle of Sports Car racing. 

A huge thank you to the team for allowing me to be a fly on the wall. A story is coming soon. Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite photos from the day.